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    Item   Rental Price   
    RAIN PONCHO....sale item only $5.00    
    TARP (10'x12') $5.50    
    TARP (15'x20') $10.00    
    UMBRELLA (GOLF) $5.00    
    UMBRELLA (HAND) ....sale item only $5.00    
    UMBRELLA (LOCATION) $10.00    
    EZ UP SIDE WALL (10' BLUE) $3.00    
    EZ UP TENT (10'x10') $50.00    
    EZ UP TENT LIGHTWEIGHT FRAME (10'x10') $50.00    
    EZ UP TENT (10'x15') $75.00    
    EZ UP TENT (10'x20') $100.00    
    EZ UP CART N/C    
    BAG IT ( GRIP CART COVER ) ....sale item $18.00    
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